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    Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization

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    Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization


Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization -e ISSN: 2229 – 6905

  • Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization -e ISSN: 2229 – 6905

    An official Journal of Phyco Spectrum Inc

    Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization (JABU) is published by PHYCOSPECTRUM online (launched in 2009) and updated monthly. It is an international digital publication.This journal will publish research articles, reviews and popular articles on algal biomass utilization and intended to be updated monthly.

J. Algal Biomass Utln. Vol 1, No.2, April, 2010

  1. L.Govindarajan, R.Senthilkumar, Nitin Raut and Bakheet Hassan Bakheet Fadhil. Kinetic Study of Algae Biomass Grown in Natural Medium Using Spectroscopic Analysis .......1 PDF

  2. Tawfiq S. Abu-Rezq, Suad Al-Hooti and Dangly A. Jacob, Optimum culture conditions required for the locally isolated Dunaliella salina.......12 PDF

  3. Jai Prakash Pandey and Amit Tiwari. Optimization of Biomass Production of Spirulina maxima.......20 PDF

  4. Anand Prakash Singh and B. R. Chaudhary. Preliminary Phycochemical Analysis and In Vitro Antibacterial Screening of Pithophora Oedogonia (Mont.) Wittrock- A Freshwater Green Alga Forming Mats in the Water Bodies...........33PDF

  5. P Hanumantha Rao, R Ranjith Kumar, V V Subramanian and V Sivasubramanian . Environmental impact assessment of Chlorella vulgaris employed in phycoremediation of effluent from a leather-processing chemical industry ..........42 PDF

  6. Shaila Hiremath and Pratima Mathad . Impact of Salinity on the Physiological and Biochemical Traits of Chlorella vulgaris Beijerinck.........51 PDF

  7. Navnath. M. Pise, Karmveer. B. Jena, Dushmant. Maharana, Anjali.B. Sabale# and Tanaji .G.Jagtap. Free radical scavenging, reducing power, phenolic and biochemical composition of Porphyra species----60 PDF

  8. Mohammad Basha Makandar , Ashish Bhatnagar . Morphotypic diversity of microalgae from arid zones of Rajasthan (India).... 74.. PDF

  9. J. P. PANDEY, NEERAJ PATHAK, AMIT TIWARI. Standardization of pH and Light Intensity for the Biomass Production of Spirulina platensis..93..PDF

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