J. Algal Biomass Utln. - Vol 3, No.3, July, 2012

  1. Sharmita Gupta, Shubhi Gupta, Manisha, Sakshi Sharma. Management of barren land soil using waste algal residue and agricultural residue..1... PDF

  2. M. Muthulakshmi, A. Saranya, M. Sudha, and G. Selvakumar. Extraction, partial purification, and antibacterial activity of phycocyanin from Spirulina isolated from fresh water body against various human pathogens.. 7.. PDF

  3. Ramasamy Sakthivel, Sanniyasi Elumalai, Sundaram Santhiya. Fatty acids methyl ester analysis of potent micro algae Scenedesmus dimorphus (Turpin) Kützing and Chlorococcum infusionum (Schrank) Meneghini isolated from effluents of Neyveli thermal power station expansion1.. 12... PDF

  4. V Sivasubramanian, V V Subramanian and M Muthukumaran. Phycoremediation of effluent from a soft drink manufacturing industry with a special emphasis on nutrient removal – a laboratory study..21...PDF

  5. Patil Liladhar Shivram, Pandav Parag Vishwanath. Screening of indigenously isolated Nostoc sp. for chromium tolerance.. 30.... PDF

  6. Sharmita Gupta, Ritu Sharma, S. K. Soni, Sakshi Sharma. Biomass utilization of waste algal consortium for extraction of algal oil.. 34.. PDF

  7. Vinay Kumar, A K. Bhatnagar and J N. Srivastava. Comparative study of different strains of Spirulina platensis (Geiltler) against some human pathogens.. 39.. PDF

  8. Anita Kirroliaa, Narsi R. Bishnoia and Rajesh Singh. Effect of shaking, incubation temperature, salinity and media composition on growth traits of green microalgae Chlorococcum sp...46.. PDF

  9. V. Subramaniyan, S. Krishna Moorthy and P. Malliga. Analysis of biochemical and yield parameters of Zea Mays (Corn) cultivated in the field supplemented with coir pith based cyanobacterial biofertilizers.. 54... PDF