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    Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization

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    Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization


Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization -e ISSN: 2229 – 6905

  • Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization -e ISSN: 2229 – 6905

    An official Journal of Phyco Spectrum Inc

    Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization (JABU) is published by PHYCOSPECTRUM online (launched in 2009) and updated monthly. It is an international digital publication.This journal will publish research articles, reviews and popular articles on algal biomass utilization and intended to be updated monthly.

J. Algal Biomass Utln. Vol 9, No.1, January 2018

  1. J.L Ramos-Suárez, A. Hernández-Pérez , A. Baeza , F. Hansen , I. Labbé.. Economic evaluation of inputs for microalgal lab cultures..1.. PDF

  2. Bhagya Lakshmi Jyothi,K and TRK Reddy.Nutrients Kinetics and their effects on Bio-fertilizerNostoc spongiaeforme.. 12.. PDF

  3. Karthika, S.Menon, Thasnim P.M. and C.C.Harilal. Growth standardization studies on Monoraphidium contortum cultured under pH specific conditions in Bolds Basal medium...19.. PDF

  4. Sasireka G and Muthu Velayudham. R. Enzymatic Transesterification of Biodiesel Production from Scenedesmus spand its Parameter Optimizing through Response Surface Methodology.. 26.. PDF

  5. Aparna Sreedharan, Natarajan Velmurugan, Arumuganainar Suresh.Nitrogen replete stress condition for enhanced lipid accumulation in microalgae Chlorella sp.. 37.. PDF.

  6. Sasireka.G and MuthuVelayudham.R. Biomass Production and GC-MS Analysis of Selenastrum bibraianum Reinsch.. 44.. PDF

  7. Barupal. G. K and G. S. Meghwal. Bacillariophycean Diversity of Churu Region of Rajasthan, India...51.. PDF

  8. Mustapha Ouhsassi, EL Ouardy Khay, Abdelhakim Bouyahya, Jamal Abrini. Isolation and characterization of cyanobacteria strains based on the compositional approach of fatty acids: case of drinking water reservoirs in the region of Tetouan (Northern Morocco)...57..PDF

  9. PREETI SHARMA and DILIP KUMAR RATHORE. Toxicity of arsenic on nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria..68..PDF

  10. Tushita Attre, Arpita Roy, Navneeta Bharadvaja. Influence of various Carbon and Nitrogen sources on Lipid productivity of Chlorella minutissima and Scenedesmus sp. and their FAME analysis.. 72.. PDF

  11. Ashwini S and Manjula Shantaram. Prospects of seaweeds: A search along Surathkal beach of Karnataka.. 86.. PDF

  12. Kanakdande Amruta P. and Khobragade Chandrahasya N.Advances in Biofuel Production : Current Scenario and Challenges ..91..PDF

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